Make your startup increase its digital community and its sales with personalized corporate messages aimed at young consumers …

In the art of communication there is no room for chance or improvisation. All promotional messages must be based on an appropriate language and an action plan.

The same thing happens with companies; corporate communication must be planned, coherent and efficient. Today it must be segmented to young consumers: millennials.

If you are an entrepreneur in digital and corporate communication and looking to attract young consumers,  pay attention to this article.

It is a well-defined niche, you know where you are going, what you like and what you don’t. Therefore, companies, brands and businesses must understand their nature and develop communication strategies that seduce them.

In the world there are almost 2 billion millennials . They are children of technology born in times of crisis. Although their essence is technological, they value experiences and emotions above any material possession. They are a generation born between 1981 and 1996 and have well-established consumption habits .

Trends in corporate communication strategies

Experience rather than acquisition

Millennials cannot disengage from technology. His life is spent in Internet consumption, in the dynamics of social networks and in reading information through mobile devices.

As an entrepreneur, you must tailor your brand messages based on their experiences and preferences.

Creativity in communication

As a company, dare to break the schemes. Create atypical communication strategies that are in sync with the principles of your brand and the consumption patterns of your audience.

Visuals should be the order of the day: rely on resources such as videos, images or infographics. They are a good alternative for Instagram or Snapchat.

Mobility to connect

To connect with the young public it is important to have mobility as a reference. Day after day they use their smartphone or tablet to stay informed.

How can your business take advantage of this? Adapt your website to mobile devices, create your own applications and create personalized messages .

The appropriate environment

Personalized, real-time communication attracts millennials. You just have to see the statistics of the direct streaming videos.

Evaluate the context of each user : speeches, messages and promotions must take into account the profession, location, economic situation and tastes of millennials to generate good results.

Spend time getting to know your audience

personality trait of millennials is that they appreciate the sincerity in the messages of brands and companies . They prefer real opinions, messages that are aligned with their ideologies.

If you are about to start a business or are already on the playing field, research your audience to produce a timely corporate communication.